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Chances are you’re offering great patient care, have a great team, expertise, infrastructure and facility, may be even years of established reputation.

Still you find that you’re not running with full capacity, not growing at a speed you expected, want to expand to other cities, make better revenue streams, enhance your reach, build strong trust and spread word of mouth.

So that you can multiply your Hospital-patient reach at right time, help patient make better decision, boost conversion and continue offering the superior quality treatment.

Only difference is, now you will be offering care and treatment to substantially higher number of patients – attracting patients within your locality, in your city and even across the country.

Let Practice Marketing help you to identify and profitably leverage hidden growth opportunities already existing there in your hospital.

Hundreds of your prospective patients are actively seeking online-offline help to choose the right Hospital.

You need a systematic marketing approach that helps build relationship, build trust, present your expertise in a legit way and proactively reach out to these active prospective patients –exactly at right time, help convert them and continue building a strong bond with your patients for a lifetime.

This is the pass key to grow fast, multiply revenue and replace your competition. And Practice Marketing is helping Healthcare professionals at all these stages so that you focus on what matters to your most and enjoy working for a noble cause.

Here’s how we do it

Build Hospital Marketing system

A strategic systematic approach to attract, Engage, convert and retain patients. Making his system work hard for you round the clock, in today’s competitive market.

Get Results

Track results, control and invest in and repeatedly implement only growth-boosting marketing activities so that you earn better returns on your investment.

Accelerate to next level

Stay tuned and implement next level Hospital marketing strategies so as to dominate your market.

Pratice Marketing’s end-to-end marketing solution is everything you need to grow your Healthcare Practice - fast

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Strategy and Insight

Mistake most Hospitals make, is, they don’t apply a systematic approach to marketing, no strategy, no planning, no consistency that’s the major reasons results are poor or broken.

  • Create a personalized underlying strategy and execution plan to outgrow competition and build a sustainable growth
  • Utilize deeper insights about your targeted patient’s and create a unique positioning so that you become a preferred choice.
  • Understand your competition, your strength, market opportunity and leverage it at high speed for fasts-growth.

Brand Management

Build a unique brand image critical for success of your Hospital. Our specialized team conducts your brand’s audit, identify crucial missing elements and then create a step-step process and implementation plan to build a trust-based brand.

  • Differentiate your brand from other Hospitlas –with unique brand image, experience and approach. Your completion will never think that way.
  • Create a powerful positioning that’s centric to your patients
  • Use effective communication visuals, stationeries, merchandise, graphics- aligned to central theme of your Hospital.
  • Redesign your existing brand image to tap greater opportunities you might be missing

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Digital Marketing

Practice Marketing offers current, updated and proven digital marketing solutions exclusively designed for Hospitals .

  • Grow with high-converting SEO friendly website that works round-the-clock
  • Increase patient conversion rate with effective design and compelling content that demonstrate your Hospital’s expertise and build trust.
  • Let our Local search engine optimization tactics make it easy for your patient’s to find you in your locality and sustain high ranking on search engine like google.
  • Attract huge traffic of targeted dental patients to your website with minimal on-the-budget Pay per click advertising (paid search) and Google Adwords
  • Create strong reputation, build relation, and demonstrate your expertise and achievements using our unique Social Media strategy.

Content and Multimedia and Videos

Put to your advantage persuasive, clear, and well-researched content and use effective and powerful videos and pictures that drive patient to your website demonstrating your expertise and authority.

Let Practice Marketing help you to

  • Create How-to-guides, Blog post, Articles, Case studies, website and email content, news article exclusively for Dental practice.
  • Create good-will by helping patients with high quality content – related to symptoms, treatments etc.
  • Produce 360 video tours, animated videos, video testimonial – so that you leave no stone unturned to capture huge market share and beat your competition.

Review and Reception Management

Build a system to collect positive reviews and higher ratings, because your online-offline reputation and ability-to-covert patient is highly depend on that.

Plus, how a patient is dealt as the reception can have significant impact on the conversion and overall patient experience.

Practice Marketing helps you to

  • Increase your patient turn up with proper follow-up.
  • Professional and ethically address negative reviews
  • Get more positive reviews and higher ratings and bring to notice the pages with positive reviews on research results.

Certainly, high performing multi-media, multi-step process at every step will boost your Hospital growth way your competition.

Would you like implement these ethical, trust-based, fast growth marketing strategies?

We Sit Next To You, Understand Your Hospital Needs, Study Your Competition And Offer You A Plan That’s Most Suitable To Your Budget, Your Growth Plans And Current Market Opportunity

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Why Practice Marketing

Practice Marketing is a specialized marketing firm dedicated to only healthcare and medical professionals. Several doctors trust us when it comes to building a proven offline-online marketing system. Because being the domain expert we understand your real challenges and pain with much more depth than other general marketing firms.

How Practice Marketing Helps

Use Digital Evolution to your advantage with New age Marketing Solution

  • Increase Patient Reach
  • Increase Patient Flow
  • Design Best Patient Experience
  • Consistent Brand communication
  • Secure High Margin Procedure
  • Create patient Centric Content
  • Showcase expertise in best way
  • Patient interaction & Engagement
  • Patient Acquisition & Patient conversion
  • Become leader in your Area
  • Reputation Management
  • Create your Brand